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João Meirinhos

Dr. João Meirinhos a young Portuguese endodont, belonging to the new generation, being part of a prestigious endodontic team, RPC ENDO Team, of prof. Rui Pereira da Costa, in Porto, where he has clinical activity. Dr. João Meirinhos is known to the international public, especially in the online environment where he frequently posts his cases. He will come to Cluj for the first time in order to meet Romanian young endodontists and share his experience.

  • member of Portuguese Dentists Association (OMD)
  • Integrated Master in Dental Medicine by Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde do Norte (2014)
  • Endodontics and Rehabilitation at RPCEndo 2014
  • Attending Endodontics Specialty Program at University of Lisbon (3 years full-time)
  • Teacher of Basic and Advanced Endodontics at RPCEndo
  • Exclusive Practice of Endodontics

Speaker of Events