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João Meirinhos

Joao Meirinhos is an internationally recognized dentist, belonging to the new generation, known especially from the online environment where he frequently posts cases. Joao Meirinhos will come to Cluj for the first time in Romania to share with us part of his experience. He graduated dentistry in Oporto, Portugal and then he attended an Integrated Master in Dental Medicine by Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde do Norte (Portugal, 2014) and the Endodontics Specialty Program at University of Lisbon (3 years full-time 2016-2019). He is a teacher of Basic and Advanced Endodontics at RPCEndo, a postraguated programme coordinated by Rui Pereira da Costa, Professor in the Masters of Endodontics at the University of Lisbon and the International University of Catalonia in Barcelona. He is author and co-author of scientific articles published in national and international journals (International Endodontic Journal, Journal Of Endodontics, SPEMD), speaker and author of several communications and posters on Endodontics. Joao Meirinhos is a full member of the Portuguese Society of Endodontology and the European Society of Endodontology (E.S.E.) and active member of Style Italiano Endodontics.


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7 februarie 2020

Obturarea spațiului endodontic cu ajutorul sealer-ilor bioceramici (în limba engleză, 2020)

Strada Salcâmului 21, Cluj-Napoca, Romania lei400,00
Strada Salcâmului 21, Cluj-Napoca, Romania lei400,00