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Anatomy of a great filling. Isolation, morphology, simplified daily workflow 🇬🇧

20 aprilie 2018
21 aprilie 2018 [întreaga zi]
Centrul de Training in Microscopia Dentara "Transilvania" (Tăietura Turcului 58, Tetapolis Science Park, Cladirea A1), Cluj-Napoca   Vezi hartă
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Day 1 – Hands-on • Day 2 – Lecture

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Day 1 - Full Day Hands-on training (April 20)

Day 2 - Full Day Lecture (April 21)

Mindaugas Kudelis 🇱🇹 LT • Facebook

Dr. Mindaugas Kudelis, an internationally recognized dentist, belonging to the new generation, known especially from the online environment where he frequently posts cases will come to Cluj for the first time in Romania to share with us part of his experience. Mindaugas Kudelis is a general dentist graduated in 2013 from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Having work experience in both public and private sectors he had a chance to meet different kinds of patients in need of different treatment approach. At the moment Mindaugas is working at a family run private practice, where his main focus of interest is restorative dentistry. Inspired by social media and aiming to provide the best quality treatment he understood that for this you need a controlled working environment – rubber dam isolation as well as self control through work photo documentation. The combination lead to a faster growth of skills in posterior restorative dentistry, and that’s the main topic Mindaugas wants to share with colleagues. Lecturer at national and international congresses, invited for presentations and workshops addressed to dentists all over the world.

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Direct posterior fillings – definitely the most popular restorative procedure in dentistry. No matter how many we do – we still struggle, no matter the experience we have, we still stumble upon a case or two where the results are far from satisfactory. And I am not even talking about the esthetics of a posterior filling.
In the lecture I will talk about the main things, that are important to achieve a beautiful and long lasting direct restoration. The anatomy and morphology – the cornerstone of posterior esthetics. Self motivating and self learning through documentation. Isolation – as a must, to transform a battleground filled with saliva into a canvas for your artistic skills. And overall approach to a direct restorations – step by step walkthrough from the diagnosis till followups.

During the hands on course we will have a few class I’s and class II’s ready to be restored. Participants will follow step by step the demonstration at the same time repeating the steps on the models. Main priciples discussed in the lecture will be practically applied, and further tips and tricks explained.


  • Day 1 – Hands-on: Transilvania Microscope Dentistry Training Center, (Tetapolis Science Park, Building A1,  Taietura Turcului 58, Cluj-Napoca)
  • Day 2: Platinia Conference Hall, Calea Manastur 2-4, Cluj- Napoca