Minimally invasive endodontics 🇬🇧

Ştefan Jitaru 🇷🇴 RO • Facebook
Claudio Farnararo 🇮🇹 IT • Facebook
June 15, 2018
June 16, 2018 (All day)
English 🇬🇧

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Day 1 – Lecture • Day 2 – Hands-on

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Day 1 - Full Day Lecture (June 15)

Day 2 - Full Day Hands-on training (June 16)

Event Details

The day will allow the novice to assess where to begin and the experienced user how to progress further. The Modern Endodontics is based on minimal invasive intervention principles aimed at preserving the tooth integrity and its structure. These principles are required in all the endodontics steps, starting from opening access cavity to the root canal obturation. Attendees will learn how to establish an endodontic treatment plan and how to perform a modern procedure with the latest tools and technology available today.

Topics covered:

  • Endodontic access (includes anatomy) and negotiation
  • Rational behind opening access in endodontics
  • Scouting – a  fundamental pillar
  • Mechanical Glide-path
  • Root canal preparation using various rotary NiTi instruments with a focus on protaper-next files
  • Current concepts and trends in Obturation – focus is on carrier based obturation
  • Management of difficult cases
  • How to avoid litigation in endodontics
  • Principles of endodontic retreatment and use of protaper retreatment files

The Hands-on is specifically designed to boost your Endodontic skills. Dr. Claudio Farnararo will check and correct all steps under 3D microscope. Each parecipant will  do the scouting and glide path and prepare the canals using Protaper Next on dental operating microscope using dental simulators.

All participants are required to bring 1-2 extracted permanent molars with access cavity prepared already. Set in lab putty would be beneficial.


  • Day 1 – to be announced
  • Day 2 – Hands-On Venue: Transilvania Microscope Dentistry Training Center, (Tetapolis Science Park, Building A1, Taietura Turcului 58, Cluj-Napoca)